Ever since I was a child I have always been active, just not on the playing field.  Instead it was my imagination that had me running round in circles.  Playing shops in my bedroom and making a till out of an old pencil tin, watching Art Attack, SMart and Blue Peter and wanting to make everything with sticky-back plastic and paper fasteners. To this day I have a massive collection of colouring pencils, paints and paper, not to mention a baking cupboard that is bursting in a kitchen that will never be big enough!

I remember watching cooking shows with the family when I was a child and whenever I decided to bake something after that, it would involve talking into the imaginary camera, while presenting to a fake audience! To make it authentic all the ingredients were in different bowls, which did not make me very popular when it came to washing up. Nowadays, I don’t talk to the camera, or present to a fake audience, but I still use loads of bowls!

The main thing is that I crave creativity.  I love the alchemy of it all. Getting the initial brief from the client is the one of the most exciting times. Going away, spending time on a design and build, that will bring to life their dreams and hopefully surpass their expectations is all part of the adventure.

After all these years of baking and cooking, I am still learning and am amazed at what can happen at the end of the day!